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ADD-ONS for Acumatica

Acumatica Distribution Codes


Distribution codes enables the distribution or allocation of a document amount or a document detail record amount entered within common data entry screens within Acumatica including: AP Bills, Quick Check, AR Invoices, Cash Sales, GL Journal Transactions and optionally Expense Management. Setup as many distribution codes as desired, no limit. Can be setup and viewed for a specific Vendor or Customer or by Vendor Class or Customer Class. Each Distribution code can be used on a Document or Document Detail line.

Acumatica Advanced Import

This product was developed to be used by all users with the Acumatica system. If you have ever used the upload feature of Acumatica on any data entry pages, you will be able to master this product. Advanced Import is the Import Scenario alternative for easy use of importing data. Available to import data into the following screens: GL Journal Transactions, Quick Check, Cash Sales as well as Vendors and Customers. Able to upload multiple batches, quick checks or cash sales in a single file with validation of data. Accepts multiple file types including the most common xlsx and csv file extension. Import Templates are provided for quick use of the Advanced Import product.

Acumatica Historical AP and AR


One of the most difficult portions of a new implementation is choosing what to do with all the AP and AR documents and payments within the legacy system. Oftentimes you keep the legacy system running so that you can refer back to vendor and customer payment history. Well, that thought process of what to do just got clearer. Wouldn’t it be easier to review the AP and AR history for documents and payments within your new Acumatica system? Now you can! All AP and AR data can be imported into Acumatica with full view of payment and invoice history. Templates are provided for easy use.

Acumatica Advance Expense Management


Advanced Expense Management adds Expense class to the expense receipt similar to Request Class. Each class can be assigned Expense Items to be used within the class. After selecting the proper expense class, the user will have a short list of expense codes to choose from. This eliminates the long list of all expense codes which can be confusing for users. Providing this functionality, reduces data entry errors, increases user awareness and confidence and streamlines the approval process. Another great feature is attachment requirement based on dollar threshold. Empower employees to streamline the expense receipt task and reduce interaction during compliance of the expense management process. Distribution Codes can also be used for distributing an expense receipt to, multiple departments, cost codes or any of the defined segments within the sub account structure.

import export web

Acumatica Import and Export

Import / Export is available to import and export a file from a secured site (FTP – SFTP) into a screen within Acumatica (Import) or to a secured site (Export).  We support many file formats including XML, xlsx, delimited and fixed field length. Files can be processed manually, through the processing screen or scheduled through Acumatica’s automation for consistent and repetitive interaction. Within the file configuration for the import or export profile, a mapping is defined for proper field assignment to the destination screen or export file.  Each file being imported is validated before processing to ensure all data is proper.  All processed files are stored within the historical documents screen for future review. If a file does not pass validation, information is provided to review the issue.